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Friendly Dogs And Recall

My dog is friendly so why should I be concerned if he wants to say hello to people?

Some dogs are extremely social and just love to go and say hello to every person and/or dog they see. In some cases, this can be absolutely fine, the person loves dogs and gives him a pet or the dogs have a good play together. However, there is a chance that your dog may run up to someone frightened of dogs, jump up at someone and knock them over, or try to say hello to a dog who doesn't really like other dogs.

It is extremely important that your dog has good recall so you can easily call your dog back before he or she may get into trouble with their friendliness.

General rules for teaching a recall:

1. Be clear and consistent

2. Always reward your dog for coming back

3. Don't constantly call your dog or you risk becoming white noise

4. Set your dog up to succeed

5. Never punish your dog when they get back to you if they didn't come back straight away

This is my own dog Stanley, a rescue dog who we are still working on his perfect recall. This is his first time off lead for a while as he isn't ready to be off lead where there are other dogs. As you can see, he is set up to succeed by being in a quiet place and on a long line as a precaution, the recall cue is clear and consistent and only made once. Stanley is extremely food motivated so responds with enthusiasm to the cue as he knows he'll get tasty food for coming back and have the chance for more zoomies. Our next step is to work on him coming back after seeing another dog in the distance.

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