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Muzzles And Dogs

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

There are a variety of reasons why a dog may need to wear a muzzle and wearing a muzzle does not necessarily mean that a dog is aggressive. 

Some reasons why a dog may be muzzled: 

- For their own safety - such as if they scavenge food when outside, or pick up stones.

- A nervous dog and the muzzle helps keep away what the dog is scared of.

- Practicing their good muzzle skills for their next vet visit. - They play rough with other dogs and having the muzzle on prevent accidental injuries.

Muzzles should always allow dogs to be able to pant and drink, so I would not advise to use muzzles that keep the dog's mouth closed - these are only for use in very brief situations such as having a quick injection at the vets. Stopping your dog from being able to pant may cause them to panic and also lead to potential heat stress, especially in warm weather or when being exercised.

Always remember that when seeing a dog being walked and wearing a muzzle that the owner is being responsible. Give the dog and owner space, be kind and give them a smile as you go past.

Regardless of the reason for a dog wearing a muzzle, it is vital that the dog has training to help them to learn that a muzzle is a good thing and they can accept wearing them. 

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