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What I Do To Keep Your Dogs Safe

Many of us worry when our precious pets are not in our sights or are in the care of someone else. At Root Behaviour and Pet Services, I aim to consider potential risks that may occur (by conducting regular Risk Assessments) and put in place appropriate measures to ensure that I am reducing these risks as much as possible. In order to keep dogs as safe as possible while on walks, I will only let them off the lead when I am sure on their recall. To prevent neck injuries, I ask that any dogs needing to be walked on a long line wear a harness. Dogs on group walks are assessed on their personality and grouped accordingly - I will not put timid dogs with boisterous dogs who might worry them. As an added precaution, all dogs wear an extra ID tag with my number on it while out.

Remember that by law dogs should wear an ID tag with the owner's details on it while out in public.

I always carry a First Aid Kit and water on all walks.

The tracking for group walks starts when all dogs exit the van at the beginning of a walk, and end when all dogs are safely back in the van. This means that only the physical walk is tracked and no home locations are shown. The route of the physical walk is only sent by email or text alert to myself and owners who's dogs are on the walk. In order to protect pet owners and their pets from unknown persons online, I ensure that no names are included on any social media posts or videos and all owner ID tags have been covered so details cannot be accessed. Photographs of any pets will never include any identifying features of houses they live in.

An example of how images are anonymised below showing ID tags covered and unreadable. The extra tag provided by myself is uncovered.

A Labradoodle looking towards the camera, and a Lurcher wearing a muzzle looking up towards a tree
Labradoodle and Lurcher on a group walk

If you have any questions about the safety of pets while under the care of Root Behaviour & Pet Services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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