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Muzzle Training Dogs

Muzzles can be incredibly helpful tools to aid management of behaviour problems and safety. It is important to choose the right muzzle, and to introduce it gradually and in a pleasurable way for the dog.

Muzzles should allow a dog to be able to pant freely, drink and take food in order to be safe for the dog to wear. Fabric muzzles are only suitable for very short periods such as having an injection at the vets, these must never be worn for extended periods or during exercise.

When teaching a dog to accept a muzzle, it is important to go at the pace of the dog and pay attention to their body language. Does the dog look relaxed and happy? Take note of the dog's face, does it look tense or relaxed? Ears should be in a neutral or interested position, not flattened or pulled back. Is the dog's tail relaxed and wagging or tucked between their legs?

Muzzle training is a gradual process, and if process seems to be going slowly then the likelihood is you are going too fast for the dog. If a dog has had negative experiences wearing a muzzle in the past, then they need to become comfortable at just seeing a muzzle before moving towards asking them to put their nose in.

Considering muzzle training your dog? Either get in touch or check out my muzzle training video series on my Facebook page:

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